Our congratulations to Quentin and Valarie Hall who were married at 53 years ago. They were able to return to the Parish to take part in a Mass to celebrate their Anniversary last Thursday.


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Congratulations also to Anne and David Man-Chung and John and Marilyn Morgan on their recent Golden Jubilees.



&rThe annual Lent Lunch was held at Our Ladys on Saturday 7th March.  All the funds raised go to CAFOD to help our brother and sisters in poorer areas of the world.

Many thanks to all those who helped and who attended the event.

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Many thanks to everyone who donated prizes for our Christmas Raffle; 

we had a marvellous total of 44!

Thanks also to everyone who bought tickets to help us raise money for parish funds.

 The raffle was even more jolly than usual with the choir practicing Christmas music.

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Christians Together in Dover organised carol singing in Cruise Terminal at the 

Winter Wonderland on Saturday 21st December. 

The event was well attended by people from different churches.

It was a very enjoyable event and a good way of preparing for Christmas.

The money raised by the event goes to support the Dover Winter Night Shelter.

Below are some photos of Our Lady’s Parishioners joining in.

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 Confirmation 17th November 2019

We were pleased to welcome Monsignor Matthew Dickens to Our Lady’s to confer the sacrament of Confirmation on some of our younger Parishioners and some of the pupils from the Duke Of York’s School.

Congratulations to all those confirmed and to their families and sponsors.

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 Banner on loan from the Duke of York‘S School.

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Many thanks to everyone who supported our first  MacMillan Coffee Morning on Sunday 29th September at Our Lady’s. With your help we raised a total of over £331 from the raffle, donations and cake sales. It was great to see so many people joining in, and some photos from the day are included below. We hope to make the Coffee Morning an annual event.

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On Sunday 6th May we said our farewells to Maureen and Joe Johnson who have lived in Dover for the past 50 years and

are now moving to the West Country to be near their family. Maureen and Joe have made an great contribution to the community in Dover.

Maureen taught for many years at St. Richard’s and Joe was involved both with the Apostleship of the Sea and the SVP.

We wish them well in their new home.


Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2019

Father John was accomapanied to Lourdes by six pilgrims, 5 parishioners and a friend of a parishioner, during Easter week.

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During the Pilgrimage a candle was lit for the people of the Parish, it was a wet day but this did not deter some of the party 

who lit the candle on behalf of all the group.

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During 2019 the HCPT Groups from Wales were responsible for organising events on the theme for the year. One of the groups had put a great deal of work into 

constructing a very impressive dragon, a national symbol of Wales, and this was to be seen advancing down the street towards events carried by several helpers.

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Preparations for Christmas - Decorating the Tree 

 Several families helped to put up the decorations and the Christmas tree.

Choosing the Decorations for the tree

It needed some inventive moves to decorate the higher branches.

Better than a stepladder

Well done and thank you to everyone for your help!

putting the lights on the Tree in 2018


Confirmation - 18 November 2018

We are grateful to Archbishop Peter Smith for coming to Our Lady’s to confer the sacrament of Confirmation on 11 candidates on Sunday 18 November, 2018.

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Parish Pilgrimage To Lourdes

This year eleven people took part in the annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes. We were able to travel to Stansted Airport using St. Edmund’s School Minibus and then flew directly to Lourdes arriving in time for the evening meal and the torchlight procession.

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During the week we were able to take part in many of the events. One the highlights was the HCPT Mass where many of the young people and helpers dress up in the theme selected by their Group.

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We lit a candle and prayed for the people of the parish.

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We were very fortunate with the weather and enjoyed some fine sunny days which enabled some of us to make the Stations of the Cross on the Hill behind the Grotto and to walk to the Grotto and to and from services without getting the soaking which is often a feature of spring in Lourdes.

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Palm Sunday 2018

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 Sister Jean Baptiste

This week we said ‘Au revoir’ to Sister Jean Baptiste of  the Sisters of the Christian Retreat as she returns to France.

Sister has been staying at the convent in Kearsney with Sister Columba and we were pleased to welcome her at Mass at Our Lady’s during her stay.

We look forward to meeting her again on her next trip to Dover.

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Sister Jean Baptiste third from left & Sister Columba second from left, with Father Panario and parishioners from Our Lady’s.

The Pieta and the Crib 2018

In January the afternoon sunlight shines through the Rose Window at the rear of the Church and lights the Pieta and the Crib.

Pieta and Crib 2018

Photos Of The Children Receiving Presents - Epiphany 2018

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 Epiphany 2018



                PHOTOS OF CHRISTMAS EVE 2017

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We were pleased to welcome Bishop Paul Mason to Our Lady‘s this year to confer the sacrament of confirmation on some of our younger parishioners.

We were joined by candidates from the Duke of York’s Royal Military School and from the parish of St. Thomas of Canterbury in Deal.

The first photograph shows candidates from the Duke of York’s and Our Lady’s, the second and third show, in two parts, all candidates together and the third shows candidates from St Thomas’.

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the parents, sponsors and others who supported the candidates in their preparation for the ceremony.

It was a memorable occasion, the church was very full, and special thanks to the parishioners from St. Thomas’ for the lovely cake which we enjoyed with our tea afterwards.

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We have geat pleasure in welcoming a new arrival to our parish.

Many congratulations to Sarah and Adam Hollamby on the birth of their daughter, 

Georgia Marie, on Tuesday, 26th September 2017. 

 IMG 1261

IMG 1152


IMG 1175

IMG 1194


IMG 1196

IMG 1195

 Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes 17-21st April 2017

IMG 1071

IMG 1072

IMG 1073

IMG 1074

Above: During the pilgrimage the group lit two candles on behalf of the Parish. One for the people of the parish and one for our deceased parishioners.

IMG 1075

                                                     Easter Garden 2017

                         Wishing everyone a Peaceful and Happy Easter

IMG 1059

Easter Garden showing the work that the Children's Liturgy Group 

                       made througbout their Lenten Journey

IMG 1060

 Polish Ceremony Swieconka: The Blessing of Easter Baskets 2017

IMG 1061

IMG 1062

IMG 1063

IMG 1064

                              GOOD FRIDAY 2017          

IMG 1058


IMG 1052

IMG 1053

IMG 1054



We started our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday and we continued with a Lent Lunch of soup and

bread after Mass on Family Fast Day, Friday 10th March.

The money raised at the lunch goes to CAFOD, these donations will be used to help our brothers and sisters living

in extreme poverty in other parts of the world.

Many thanks to those who made food and helped with the lunch, and to everyone who came along to share the meal.

 IMG 1046

 IMG 1047



IMG 1030

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we celebrate a Family Mass at 6pm to which everyone is welcome.

IMG 1034

This Mass includes many of the carols which are familiar to us.

IMG 1032

IMG 1027

The children are particularly encouraged to join in.

IMG 1028

The Crib scene below the Alter is a focus of our attention on this

special day of the year when we gather to celebrate the vigil Mass of Christmas.

 IMG 1025

The Children of the parish have been preparing for Christmas throughout the Advent season and have worked together

to produce the ' Tree of Jesse' shown below, which is placed close to the Alter for our celebrations over the Christmas season.

 IMG 1023

IMG 1026

 During the Mass the Christmas Tree is blessed and the youngest member of each family is given one of the red

baubles to take home to put on their own tree at home.

IMG 1029

After Mass Santa visits the parish with small gifts for the younger people.

IMG 1031



On Sunday 20th November we welcomed Archbishop Peter Smith who conferred the sacrament of Confirmation on our younger parishoners. It was great to see so many young people and their families, together with parishoners, present on the day. Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the day memorable. Congratulations to all those confirmed and to their parents, sponsors and other who gave support.

Many thanks to Archbishop Peter for visiting our parish. We were grateful for the opportunity to meet him and talk with him over coffee in the hall after Mass.


Confirmation in 2016 at Our Lady Confirmation in 2016 at Our Lady Confirmation in 2016 at Our Lady 

Confirmation in 2016 at Our Lady Confirmation in 2016 at Our Lady

More photos of the event are available by clicking here.

WYD1World Youth Day

On 19 July 2016 Our Parish was pleased to provide a venue for Mass for about 120 young people from the Archdiocese of Birmingham. 

The group were traveling by coach to Dover to take the Ferry to Europe on their Journey to Krakow in Poland where they will join in the celebration World Youth Day. WYD is an international Catholic event focused on faith and Youth.  

Our thoughts and prayers go with them.

Holy Door Pilgrimage

On the 18 June over 30 parishioners from Our Lady's made a Pilgrimage to the Holy Door at the Shrine of St.Augustine of Canterbury in Ramsgate.

We were welcomed by Father Marcus Holden who later explained to us the significance of St.Augustine's journey to Thanet and the history of the church which was designed by the renowned nineteenth century architect Augustus Welby Pugin who is buried in the church. The Shrine was dedicated in March 2012 as the official shrine commemorating the coming of the Gospel to the Anglo-Saxon peoples. St. Augustine, who landed near Ramsgate, was sent by Pope Gregory the Great in 597AD.

We were able process into the church by the Holy Door which was dedicated by Archbishop Peter Smith to emulate the most famous Holy Door, in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Following this we took part in devotions and Mass.

 Holy Door Ramsgate 2016 Augustine2 Augustine4Augustine3 Augustine5 Augustine6

Our Parish Cat - Dougal

Dougal 2     We are sad to say that our much loved Parish Cat, Dougal, passed away in his sleep during the night  in the last week of July.

He was about 16 years old and spent most of those years with us after being rehomed. He enjoyed roaming in the overgrown area at the back of the Presbytery.

He was quite a character and was well known to the parishioners as he liked to spend time in the church, and even used to curl up on the Priest's chair. This gave a few worrying moments as we were concerned he might get sat on during Mass. 

He had a long and hopefully happy life, we will miss him, and remember him with great affection.

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