First Confession and First Holy Communion

First Confession and Communion should begin a series lasting throughout our lives.  The Holy Eucharist is the great gift by which we experience the ultimate sign of Christ's presence.  

First CommunionThe Eucharist is the third sacrament of initiation and the only one of the three that can be received more than once.  Frequent reception of Holy Communion helps us to live the Christian life by deepening our relationship with Christ and allowing Him to strengthen us in a very special way.

First Confession and Holy Communion usually takes place between Easter and Pentecost and parents are encouraged to contact Father well before this so that suitable arrangements for preparation can be made.

The first of anything can be special, just because it is the first, and a step forward.

Some people like to mark this occasion by the clothes they wear, by taking photos or giving presents, but none of these is obligatory.

A new outfit, however, should be one that can be worn again, just as we, after receiving confession and communion for the first time, continue to do so.

We should not go over the top with new outfits since that may only make other people feel awkward.  And over the top outfits can distract parents and candidates from the real purpose of the event which is to meet Our Lord for the first time in Holy Communion.

For the same reasons, intrusive photography should be avoided during the service.  There will be an opportunity to take photos of family groups afterwards in the church. 



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